Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I’m Thomas Deer, a web designer, passionate about the web, happily building, breaking then rebuilding most things PHP and MySQL.

I have been working in Web Design for around 9 years and have worked on a fair few projects which is where I learnt most of what I know.

My passion all began when I was studying Computer Science towards my BTEC National Diploma at TCAT College. Amongst different IT elements, Web Design was the topic I really looked forward to. I can remember using Notepad ++ and the very first version of Adobe Fireworks to create a web page for a Java Game i was working as part of the development team on. These tools are considered primitive in comparison to technology today.

After I left college I started working at Billcar Engineering, I was originally employed here to create and maintain the company website, once complete I found myself in the workshop which unfortunately was not an environment i found enjoyable.

I left Billcar and found a job fell into a job working in Agriculture which is where i found my love for the great outdoors.

Since then I have moved forward to other Agricultural positions where i have created web applications to keep records on Animal Movement, Animal Treatment and much more.

In 2017 I decided I wanted to get qualified as a “Front End” developer so I invested some time in doing an Online course which taught me just that. although valuable these skills are it left me limited to my possibilities so I thought about how to pursue my love for web design further.

Thats where in early 2019 i stumbled upon an Online Degree to become a “Full Stack” Web Developer, This taught me more in-depth development languages like PHP & MySQL, ReactJS and much more.

Although my educational experience does not stop there, I still frequently take online classes, which keep me busy in my down-time and keep me up to speed with modern technologies.

if you would like to talk with me further, Please feel free too Contact me

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