Restore Token

Restore Token

I was approached by Ramy & Coty from Restore Token (REST) to build them a simple, user-friendly website for their new up and coming crypto currency. After hearing more about the project i was very interested and keen to take the project too the next level.

I initially created them a simple 1 page website, Although as Restore gained popularity the website needed to cover more ground and allow more funtionality. We discussed the requirements for the project and we decided that using WordPress would be the best course of action. Over the next few days i converted the original Restore Theme into a high quality WordPress theme.

I was then asked to build a currency converter to convert Ethereum & USD into REST (Restore Tokens). I built this as a WordPress plugin which has had multiple revisions since it’s initial creation, adding features such as wallet addresses and dynamic pricing from API’s

If you’d like to check out the website, and perhaps make an investment for the future. Check out the website¬†

Designed and Developed by Thomas Deer