So it’s nearly christmas, which means another year is nearly over. And what a year it has been. Well lets throw covid aside for a minute. For me this year’s been a biggie. I finally got my own home, I pushed forward and made this dream to become a web developer a reality and I’ve had the pleasure of working on some really exciting projects.

My Favorite Project of the year.

This is a difficult one as there has been so many enjoyable moments this year.  Although i’d probably have too say, Working on

RestoreToken is a great new up and coming Crypto currency which invites it’s users to really take a break from being on technology. I got too work closely with Ramy and Coty from restore to build the a website which really helps them launch their new venture where they need it to be!

The Most Technical project of the year.

The most technical project i’ve worked on this year would be my current “side project”. This current project is a large undertaking where i am building a selection of WordPress/Woocommerce plugins which are being targeted at the RuneScape Private Server Community (Who i have done a few projects with). These plugins will add integration between the website and the game-server to allow game data to be displayed, Such as Hiscores, Micro-transactions and in-game account services.

Skills I have gained this year.

I’ve been trying to use alot more Server-sided Javascript in my free time, I’ve always found languages such as Node & React to be a weakness of mine.

Targets for next year.

Next year i hope to build more WordPress/Woocommerce Plugins & Themes, And perhaps start selling some of these as pre-built software solutions. But i guess time will tell.


I hope you all have a great christmas, and a happy new year. Stay safe and see you all in 2021!

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