thomas deer

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer is somebody who works with both the Front end(Client side) and the Back end (Server Side) of the website. Being a full stack developer requires the developer to understand multiple programming languages and technologies which can be beneficial for the client as it allows the full project to be completed by just one developer.

Surely it’s difficult?

In short, Yes! Being Full Stack means I spend much of my free time, reading documentation, researching new libraries and experimenting with code.

What Software do you use?

The software I pick depends on the project at hand. For more simple websites (HTML, CSS, JS) I’ll just use Brackets which is a very powerful, free code editor. Although for more advanced projects I’ll use software such as Microsofts’ Visual Studio Code.

What are the advantages of being Full Stack?

The advantage of being a full stack web developer is:

So surely there’s disadvantages?

How can i guarantee my project will be built with the correct solution?

I specialise in PHP Development as that is what I am most familiar with. That being said I am able to use other languages and I will not undertake a Project unless I am confident in my ability to complete it to the highest standards possible.

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